week of August 31

Posted On August 28, 2010

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Week of August 31. – SPECIAL REPORT!! – Friday, August 27th was a  Watershed Day. Not only did the bonds give us a sell signal, but there was a confirmation in that the inverse ETFs, TBT and TBF, which correlate to interest rates, both gave us a buy signal alerting us to the possibility that this may be the turning point for interest rates. As we pointed years ago, in the article “Prices and the Prime” (Futures magazine) in the 80’s, the cost of money (interest rates) tends to rise and fall in tandem with commodity prices, (we used the CRB index vs. the Prime rate). We told people to lock in record high interest rates for the next 30 years (1980 +30 years = 2010!). Now, the tide has turned again, and we expecting a tremendous move higher in interest rates (and commodity prices, too.) This may be the opportunity to get in on the ground floor for what may be a monumental, fortune-building move.

     If It Quacks like a Duck, Waddles like a Duck, has feathers like a Duck, you can probably bet it’s not a cow. With a lot of Americans thinking that the President (the non-native-born one) is a follower of some religion that gathers converts by the sword (it’s a fact, folks. Read your history books), it behooves us followers of the people that came here on the Mayflower, to try to figure out how to deal with this guy. They can say one thing and do another and fool a lot of people, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time without a few of us getting suspicious. And apparently, a substantial percentage of people are confused. Here we are, a group of religiously tolerant folks, confronted by a religion that is anything but tolerant, and in fact, in any country where they get the upper hand, they are egregiously intolerant. If I, as a Christian, go overseas to help the people in the flood-torn nation of Pakistan, they say I cannot bring my Bible into their nation because of their religious intolerance. My first base (carnal) instinct is to say, OK, let ‘em drown!,

     However, the words of Christ tells me to turn the other cheek to these, my enemy (and they are the enemy – if you don’t think so, you better figure it out real quick) and love them and pray for them. They convert with the sword, we’ll kill them with kindness. Remember Charles Martel!

     We are accepting new clients, we only make money when you make money, call for free info.


Lawrence Sarsoun

Author of “America’s Monetary Mess”



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