Can A Moslem Be President?

Since a person running for President has to swear an oath on the Bible to take the oath of office, the first question might be, how can a Moslem say he is going to uphold the Constitution? The Constitution contains a Bill of Rights and the First Amendment has two stumbling blocks for Moslems that would make it impossible for them to support it . The First Amendment, for example, talks about freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Here in America, we have religious tolerance. What that means is that, whatever our religious beliefs or denominations might be, we adhere to the policy of live and let live when it comes to tolerating our neighbor’s religious viewpoints. Under Islam, however, tolerance isn’t allowed, and the goal of Islam is to take over a country and enforce their religion and religious law upon the whole country. The ultimate goal is for everyone to become a Moslem and for the existing law to be supplanted by Islamic law. So there is no way in the world a Moslem can support the U.S. Constitution, for it would be his underlying goal to tear down and replace Constitutional law with their own religious law.

Next, the idea of free speech is not allowed under Islam. Do you remember the Moslem critic, Salmon Rushdie? Rushdie was critical of Islam, and for his trouble, had a contract put out on him. He became a marked man, and Muslim wackos around the world went on a war hunt for Salmon with the goal of killing him for his comments. You could not expect to be critical of this religion if you wished to stay alive. They will kill you (they are probably going to send somebody out to get me after they read this. Fortunately, I believe in the Second Amendment, too, and will be ready!). The consequence of this sort of atmosphere is that there will be a “chilling” effect on free speech in this country. It is already happening in other places around the globe. Witness the problem the political cartoonist had in some Scandanavian country for printing a cartoon critical of Mohammed. He’s on the Moslem hit list, too. Not only do these fellows have no sense of humor, but they are downright violent.


Which brings us to violence. When we were growing up in the neighborhood, we had a way of settling our differences. We would fight with each other. No guns, no bombs, we just duked it out until one or the other said “Uncle’ and we quit. The guys fighting were usually back to being buddies in a day or two, so there was not long-term animosity that arose from these tussles.

But now we have Muslim terrorists. I call them sissies, because they don’t have a clue as to how to fight fair. For example, we would never send someone else to fight our fight. Nor would we ever think of sending a girl, nor of sending some little kid to fight our fight. We fought our own battles. Now we have these terrorist sissies who send little kids to do their battles, little kids and women. What a bunch of sissies. And all in the name of Allah (which, by the way, was originally the name of a female pagan goddess). The God of the Bible is not Allah, and because Mohammed borrowed the name for his religion from the pagan goddess, we can surmise that Allah is not the God of the Bible.

So the next time somebody who says he is Moslim says he wants to run for office here in the United States, tell him to hit the road, tell him to go back where he came from. Tell him to take his pagan religion and get lost. He can’t run for office here. It is against his religion.

P.S. Did you hear where that one fellow with the Muslim sounding middle name may not be qualified to run for President because it turns out he was not born here and is not a naturalized citizen? Might want to consider a real American. I am voting for Ron Paul. Yes, I know, we are going to have to write him in, but who else can we vote for? The Manchurian Candidate? Tune in to our next blog, titled “The Manchurian Candidate for President?


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