week of August 31

Posted On August 28, 2010

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Week of August 31. – SPECIAL REPORT!! – Friday, August 27th was a  Watershed Day. Not only did the bonds give us a sell signal, but there was a confirmation in that the inverse ETFs, TBT and TBF, which correlate to interest rates, both gave us a buy signal alerting us to the possibility that this may be the turning point for interest rates. As we pointed years ago, in the article “Prices and the Prime” (Futures magazine) in the 80’s, the cost of money (interest rates) tends to rise and fall in tandem with commodity prices, (we used the CRB index vs. the Prime rate). We told people to lock in record high interest rates for the next 30 years (1980 +30 years = 2010!). Now, the tide has turned again, and we expecting a tremendous move higher in interest rates (and commodity prices, too.) This may be the opportunity to get in on the ground floor for what may be a monumental, fortune-building move.

     If It Quacks like a Duck, Waddles like a Duck, has feathers like a Duck, you can probably bet it’s not a cow. With a lot of Americans thinking that the President (the non-native-born one) is a follower of some religion that gathers converts by the sword (it’s a fact, folks. Read your history books), it behooves us followers of the people that came here on the Mayflower, to try to figure out how to deal with this guy. They can say one thing and do another and fool a lot of people, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time without a few of us getting suspicious. And apparently, a substantial percentage of people are confused. Here we are, a group of religiously tolerant folks, confronted by a religion that is anything but tolerant, and in fact, in any country where they get the upper hand, they are egregiously intolerant. If I, as a Christian, go overseas to help the people in the flood-torn nation of Pakistan, they say I cannot bring my Bible into their nation because of their religious intolerance. My first base (carnal) instinct is to say, OK, let ‘em drown!,

     However, the words of Christ tells me to turn the other cheek to these, my enemy (and they are the enemy – if you don’t think so, you better figure it out real quick) and love them and pray for them. They convert with the sword, we’ll kill them with kindness. Remember Charles Martel!

     We are accepting new clients, we only make money when you make money, call for free info.


Lawrence Sarsoun

Author of “America’s Monetary Mess”



The Yuri Melnichek show 2

Posted On April 25, 2009

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We have produced Show no. 2. The songs on this show are
1)Dinah Washington- What A Difference A Day Makes
2)Frankie Yankovic- Hey Baba Reba
3) Tony Bennett-One For My Baby
4)Alvin and the Chipmunks-Alvin’s Harmonica
5)Nat King Col – Nature Boy
6)Connie Francis -Where the Boys Are

As always, you can purchase a CD of the show by sending $10 to -Lawrence Sarsoun,4750 Decatur Circle, Melbourne, Florida, 32934. Please wait the usual 3-4 weeks for it to get to you. If you would like to “create” your own show, pick out 8-9 songs from the list and send your  list viaemail to- sarsoun@yahoo.com

The Yuri Melnichek Show no. 1

Posted On March 13, 2009

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Our first show is available for purchase. It included the following songs.
1)The Prune Song by Leo Greco
2) Mack the Knife by Louis Armstrong
3)People -by Tony Bennett
4)Slow Walk -by Sil Austin
5)Volare- by Dean Martin
6)Yellow Dog Blues-by the Dixie Fliers
7)Peg O’ My Heart- by the Harmonicats
8)Misty-by Errol Garner
9)It Was A Very Good Year- by Frank Sinatra
To order this program send $10 to
Sarsoun c/o The Yuri Melnichek Show
4750 Decatur Circle, Melbourne,
Florida 32934. Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Remember, we are on WFHA 94.1 at 8PM Tuesdays and again on
Thursdays. Send your requests to –
sarsoun@yahoo.com. Our next show will be on March 24 and 26. Until then,
bye-bye from Yuri.

the Yuri Melnichek Show

Posted On March 13, 2009

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Welcome to The Yuri Melnichek Show.

Here are some of the records available on the Yuri Melnichek Show. Send us an email, and we will play them sometime in the future. Send your email to – sarsoun@yahoo.com. Be sure to tell us the artist name, the name of the song, and the song number. Then check on the website to see which program the song will be on. We will announce in advance the weekly schedule. Remember, you can order the program for only $10 US by sending your request to –
Sarsoun, c/o The Yuri Melnichek Show, 4750 Decatur Circle, Melbourne, Florida,32934. Be sure to include $10 for each program made out to Mr. Sarsoun, for prompt shipping.

Record Inventory I 2/2009

Adamczyk, Steve – Jubilee Polka A1 Hold That Gal A2
Austin, Sil Slow Walk A3 Wildwood A 4
Ames Brothers, the If You Wanna See Mamie Tonight A7 It Only
Hurts For A Little While A8
Atkins, Chet Jingle Bell Rock A9 Jingle Bells A10
Armstrong, Louis Pretty Little Missy A 11 So Long Dearie A 12
Armstrong, Louis Mame A 14 Tin Roof Blues A 15
Armstrong, Louis Canal St. Blues A15 Cabaret A16
Armstrong, Louis Bill Bailey A18 I Ain’t Got Nobody A17
Armstrong, Louis Someday A19 I Still Get Jealous A20
Armstrong, Louis I Get Ideas A22 A Kiss To Build A Dream On A21
Armstrong, Louis A Kiss To Build A Dream On A24 It’s Been A
Long, Long Time A23
Armstrong, Louis Mack The Knife A26 Tin Roof Blues A25
Armstrong, Louis Hello, Dolly A27 Blueberry Hill A28
Albert, Morris This World Today Is A Mess A29 Feelings A30
Allen, Steve St. Louis Blues A31 Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider A32
Arnold, Eddy From Heaven To Heartache A33 Ten Times Forever
More A 34
Arnold, Eddy Please Don’t Go A 35 Heaven Below A 36
Arnold, Eddy The Tip of my Finger A38 Long, Long Friendship A37
Arnold, Eddy Welcome to my World A39
Ames, Ed He Gives Us All His Love A41 Angelica A42
Ames Brothers Melodies D’Amour So Little Time A42
Anderson, Lynn Nothing Between Us A44 Rose Garden A43
Arnold, Eddy Anytime A46 Just A Little Lovin’ A45
Andrew Sisters Jack, Jack, Jack A47 Rum And Coca Cola A48
Austin, Gene That’s Love A50 Too Late A49
Arnish, Freddy September Song A51 Wait Till the Sun Shines,
Nellie A52
Bennett, Tony One For My Baby B1No Hard Feelings B2
Banjo Barons Give My Regards to Broadway B7 Josephine B8
Bennett, Tony I Wanna Be Around B10 I Will Live My Life
For You B9
Bennett, Tony Some of These Days B11 All That Love Went
to Waste B12
Bennett, Tony There’ll Be Some Changes Made B15
Life Is Beautiful B16
Bennett, Tony People B18 They All Laughed B17
Page 2

Bennett, Tony In the Middle of an Island B19 I Am B20
Bennett, Tony Firefly B22 The Night That Heaven Fell B21
Bachelors, The Charmaine B 24 Old Bill B 23
Browns, The The Old Lamplighter B 24 Teen-Ex B 23
Banjo Barons Wait Till The Sun Shines B 25 A Tisket-A Tasket B 26
Boone, Pat That’s My Desire B 27 Big Cold Wind B 28
Blue Dieamonds, The In A Little Spanish Town B 31 My
Grandfather’s Clock B 37
Baker, Yvonne & the Sensations That’s My Desire B 33 Eyes B 34
Bryant, Anita Hey, Good Lookin’ B 35 Bonaparte’s Retreat B 36
Bennett, Tony It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie B 37 A Taste of Honey B 38
Bennett, Tony Rags to Riches B 39 One For My Baby B 40
Bennett, Tony The Autumn Waltz B 41 Just In Time B 42
Bennett, Tony Beacause of You B 43 Cold, Cold Heart B 44
Breese, Lou Ace in the Hole B 45 I’m Waiting For Ships That Never
Come In B 46
Baker, TwoTon Lawrence Welk Polka B 47 No Beer In Heaven B 48
Bassey, Shirley Climb Every Mountain B 49 Where Are You B 50
Brown, Georgia Don’t Take Your Love From Me B 53
Roll Him Over B54
Burns, Ralph Orchestra Song For Belly Dancer B55 Tulsa B 56
Brown, Jim Ed Close B 61 How I Love Them Old Songs B 62
Black, Bill Combo Dry Bone B 63 Josephine B 64
Blake, Harriette Love Me With All Your Heart B 67 Why Don’t You
Believe Me B 68
Croce, Jim Bad, Bad Leroy Brown C1 A Good Time Man Like Me C2
Cole, Nat King Nature Boy C 3 Sweet Lorraine C 4
Carlyle, Russ Stashu Pandowski C 5 I Don’t Want To Set The World
On Fire C 6
Conniff, Ray Singers Invisible Tears C 7 Singing The Blues C 8
Campbell, Glen Let It Be Me C 9 Little Green Apples C 10
Crawford, Hank Blueberry Hill C 11 Any Time C 12
Carle, Frankie Stardust C 13 Twelth Street Rag C 14
Carter, Mel enter Laughing C 15 Star Dust C 16
Cole, Nat King Marnie C 20 More and More of Your Amor C19
Cole, Nat King The Sweet Bird of Youth C 21 Midnight Flyer C 22
Cole, Nat King Brazilian Love Song C 23 Thank You, Pretty BabyC24
Cole, Nat King Ramblin’ Rose C 25 The Good Times C26

Cole, Nat King The Christmas Song C 17 The Little Boy That Santa
Claus Forgot C 18
Cole, Nat King People C 27 I Don’t Want To Be Hurt Anymore C 28
Cole, Nat King L-O-V-E C 30 I Don’t Want To See Tomorrow C 29
Carr, Vikki Poor Butterfly C 31 The Right Kind of Man C 32
Bennett, Tony Love Story C 34 I’ll Begin Again C 33
Chipmunks, Alvin & the Alvin’s Harmonica C33 The Chipmunk
Song C34
Cole, Nat King My Dream Sonata C That’s All There Is To That
Conniff, Ray orchestra Midsummer In Sweden C 35 Somewhere
My Love C 36
Cass, Mama Dream A Little Dream of Me C 38 Midnight
Voyage C 37
Carr, Vikki San Francisco C40 Look Again C 39
Christian, Bobby Caravanb C 44 Boola C 43
Casey, Al combo Jivin’ Around C 45 Doin’ the Shotish C 46
Contino, Dick Adios C 47 Yours C 48
Clark, Roy Turn Around and Look Again C 49 So Much
To Remember C 50
Clark, Roy Darby’s Castle C 51 Come Live With Me C 52
Cannon, Maureen I Double Dare You C 53 I’m Never Satisifed C 54
Como, Perry Seattle C 55 It’s Impossible C 56
Como, Perry I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now C 58 Sleepy
Time Gal C 57
Como, Perry Just Born C 59 Ivy Rose C 60
Como, Perry C 61 Catch A Falling Star C 61Magic Moments C 62
Como, Perry Mi Casa, Su Casa C 64 Round and Round C 63
Como, Perry And I Love Her So C 65 Love Looks So Good
On You C66
Como, Perry It’s Impossible C 67 Long Life, Life of Happiness C 68
Casey, Al combo Full House C 70 Indian Love Call C 69
Campbell, Glen All My Tomorrows C 74 One Last Time C 73
Cramer, Floyd San Antonio Rose C 75 I can Just Imagine C 76
Craig, Francis Near You C 77 Stars and Stripes Medley C 78
Carson, Mindy Water Wheel C 79 Sweet Georgia Brown C 80
Como, Perry Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye C 81 The Grass Keeps
Right On Growin’ C 82
Cline, Patsy Crazy Arms C 86 Pick Me Up On Your Way Down C 85

Cline, Patsy Seven Lonely Days C 90 I Love You So Much
It Hurts C 91
Cline, Patsy Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You C 92 Our
Kinda Love C 91
Cooke, Sam For Sentimental Reasons C 93 Desire Me C 94
Croce, Jim You Don’t Mess Around With Jim C 96 Photographs
and Memories C 95
Conrad, Jerry Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White C 97 You Made
Me Love You C 98
Crosby, Bing Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider C 98 Down By The Old Mill
Stream C 97
Davis, Sammy What Kind of Fool Am I D1 Gonna Build a MountainD2
Dorsey, Jimmy So Rare D5 Sophisticated Swing D 6
Dorsey, Tommy I’m Getting Sentimental Over You Db Once In
Awhile D 7
Dorsey, Jimmy June Night D 9 Jay Dee’s Boogie Woogie D 10
Dee, Lenny Let Your Love Flow D11 Crazy, Crazy D 12
Damone, Vic You Were Only Fooling D 15 Please Help Me
I’m Falling D16
Damone, Vic The Breeze and I D17 April In Portugal D 18
Eddie & Dutch D 19 My Wife, The Dancer D 20
Davis, Sammy Jr I want To Be Happy D 21 The Candy Man D 22
Dorsey, Jimmy Orch No One Ever Lost More D 23 When You Took
Your Love D 24
Dodd, Ken Tears D 25 You and I D 26
Dixie Flyers Yellow Dog Blues D 27 Martinique D 28
Dee, Lenny Satin Sheets D 29 You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful D 30
Davis, Sammy Jr Bye Bye Blackbird D 33 We Kiss in a Shadow D 34
Dee, Lola Only You D 37 Paper Roses D 38
Douglas, Mika Orch If You Were the Only Girl in the World D 41 Only
A Fool D 42
Dee, Lenny All I Ever Need Is You D 43 Vaya Con Dios D 44
Dana, Vic What’ll I Do D 47 Moonlight and Roses D 48
Elliot, Mama Cass I Can Dream, Can’t I E 1 A Song That
Never Comes E2
Ellington, Duke orch Duke’s Place E3 I’m Just a Lucky So and So E4


Exotic Guitars Till Love Touches Your Life E5 I Can’t Stop
Loving You E 6
Edwards, Tommy My Melancholy Baby E7 It’s Only the Good TimesE8
Eckstine, Billy Fool That I Am E 9 Temptation E10
Francis, Connie Where The Boys Are F 3 No One F 4
Francis, Connie Can I Rely On You F 5 Jealous Heart F 6
Francis, Connie Love Is Me, Love Is You F 8 I’d Let You Break My
Heart All Over Again F 7
Francis, Connie F 9 Lock Up Your Heart F 9 I’m Sorry I Made You
Cry F 10
Francis, Connie Looking For Love F 12 This Is My Happiest
Moment F 11
Francis, Connie Be Anything F 13 Tommy F 14
Francis, Connie F 15 Many Tears Ago F 15 Senza Mamma F 16
Francis, Connie Someone Took The Sweetness Out of Sweetheart F 17
My Heart Cries For You F 18
Fabric, Bent Alley Cat F 19 Markin’ Time F 20
Four Aces There Is A Tavern in the Town F21 Melody of Love F 22
Fountain, Pete Mood Indigo F 23 Sleepy Serenade F 24
Fountain, Pete Walking the Floor Over You F 26 Juliet’s Theme F 27
Fountain, Pete My Blue Heaven F 28 Tiger Rag F 27
Fountain, Pete Fountain in the Rain F 30 Over the Waves F 29
Fountain, Pete Night Train to Memphis F 31San Antonio Rose F 32
Ferrante and Teicher Till There Was You F 33 Lida Rose F 34
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Sixteen Tons F 36 You Don’t Have
to be a Baby to Cry F 35
Fountain, Pete Begin the Beguine F 39 Birth of the Blues F 40
Fountain, Pete Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet F41 Maria Elena F 42
Garner, Erroll trio Misty G 1 Exactly Like You G 2
Goodman, Benny Flying Home G 7 The World is Waiting
for the Sunrise G 4
Grant, Earl I Miss You So G 9 Stormy Weather g 10
Griffin, Ken the Bells of St. Mary’s G 11 You Can’t Be True,Dear G 12
Grant, Earl I’m in the Mood for Love G 13 Without a Song G 14
Gray, Glen No Name Jive G 15 No Name Jive (concluded) G 16
Garner, Erroll trio Exactly Like You G 17 Misty G 18
Grant, Earl September in the Rain G 19 Summertime G 20
Gibbs, Georgia I Love Paris G 21 Seven Lonely Days G 22
Gibbs, Georgia Happiness is a Thing Called Joe G 25
Happiness Street G 26
Greco, Buddy I Can’t Begin to Tell You G 27 When the
Subject was Roses G 28
Greco, Buddy- Mein Hute Lautebach T1 & Anniversary Waltz T2
Greco, Buddy – In Heaven There Is No Beer T3 & Wooden Heart T4
Greco, Buddy – Mockingbird T5 & Swiss Boy Song T6
Greco, Buddy –Oklahoma Waltz T7 & Waltz With Me T8
Greco, Buddy – Wisconsin Waltz T9 & Blue Skirt Waltz T10
Greco, Buddy- At The Spring Waltz T11 & The Prune Song T12
Greco, Buddy- Du, Du Liegst Mer Im Herzen T13 & Ach du Lieber T14
Greco, Buddy-Driftwood Waltz T15 & Ducks On the Pond T16
Greco, Buddy-Always T17 & Anniversary Waltz T18
Greco,Buddy – Clarinet Polka T19 & Old Milwaukee Polka T20
Greco, Buddy-Red Wine Polka T21 & Annie In Cabbage Patch T22
Greco, Buddy – Rain, Rain Polka T23 & Julda Polka T24
Greco, Buddy – Dick’s Polka T25 &Tom Cat Polka T26
Greco, Buddy –Helena Polka T27 & Fireman’s Polka T28
Greco, Buddy- Pretty Dancing Girl T29 & Barbara Polka T30
Greco, Buddy-Dizzy Fingers Polka T31
Gordon, Bobby orch Spanish Harlem G 29 Shug-A-Dee-Bop G 30
Gorme, Eydie Tell Him I Said Hello G 31 What Did I Have
That I Don’t Have G 32
Greco, Buddy Roses of Picardy G 33 Hallelujah I Love Her So G 34
Harmonicats Peg O’ My Heart H 1 Harmonica Boogie H 2
Harmonicats Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White H 2
Horne, Lena Watch What Happens H 3 Rocky Raccoon H 4
Harmonicats Peg O’ My Heart H 6 Charmaine H 5
Humperdinck, Engelbert Release Me and Let Me Love Again H 7
Ten Guitars H 8
Call On Me H 9 A Man Without Love H 10

Hill, Tiny H 13 Angry H 14
Haymes, Dick Oh, What It Seemed to Be H 15 Give Me A Little Kiss,
Will You, Huh? H 16
Hall, Dora Hello, Faithless H 17 You’ve Got Me Cryin’ Again H 18
Harper, Janice Cry Me A River H 21 Just Say I Love Him H 22
Hill, Tiny Angry H 23 I Get the Blues H 24
Lyman, Arthur group Sentimental Journey H 27 Jungle Drums H 28
Howard, Eddie Careless H 31 Ragtime Cowboy Joe H 32
Jolson, Al Back In Your Own Backyard J 3 Toot, Toot Tootsie J 4
Jolson, Al Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody J 5 California,
Here I Come J6
Jolson, Al About A Quarter To Nine J 7 There’s A Rainbow
Round My Shoulder J 8
Jolson, Al – You Made Me Love You J 9 Ma Blushin’ Rosie J 10
Jackson, Wanda A Woman Lives For Lover J 11 What Have
We Done? J 12
Joe, Papa, Music Box Stardust J 12 Road House J 13
June, Rosemary – I Used To Love You J 19With You Beside Me J 20
Jo, Damite Whispering Grass J21 Nobody Knows You When
You’re Down and Out J 22
King, Wayne Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland K2 Lonesome, That’s
All K1
King, Wayne (medley) Rose Room & Elmer’s Tune K4 In A Little Spanish Town, Honey, and Doodle Doo Doo K3
King, Wayne Josephine K 6 Intermezzo, K 5
Kemp, Hal I Didn’t Know What Time It Is & Lamplight K 8
Remember Me & Love For Sale K 7
Kaempfert, Bert Moon Over Naples K9 The Moon Is
Making Eyes K10
King, Pee Wee Tennessee Waltz K12 Slow Poke K 11
Kaempfert, Bert Remember When K 14 Bye Bye Blues K 13
Kaempfert, Bert Wonderland By Night K 15 Dreaming The Blues K16
Kingston Trio, the Scotch and Soda K 17 Worried Man K 18
Kirby Stone Four Raven K 19 S-s-s Wonderful K 20
Kallen, Kitty Lies and More Lies K 21 Make Somebody Love You K22
King, Pee Wee Tennessee Waltz K23 Slow Poke K 24
Kaempfert, Bert Milica K 26 I Can’t Give You Anything But Love K25
Kelly, Monty Summer Set K 27 Amalia K 28
Lanin, Lester orch Organ Twist L 3 Sweet Georgia Brown Twist L4
Lombardo, Guy orc Belly Up to the Bar, Boys L5, After You’ve gone L6
Laine, Frankie Evry Streets A Boulevard L7 I’ll Take Care
of your Cares L8
Laine, Frankie Making Memories L9 I’ll Take Care of Your Cares L10
Lorraine Making Memories L 11 I Can’t Take My Eyes off You L12
Laine, Frankie I Found You L 13 I Don’t Want To Set
The World On Fire L 14
Lewis, Jerry Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody L 15 Come
Rain or Come Shine L 16
Lombardo, Guy Always L 17 Easter Parade L 18
Lee, Brenda BillBailey, Won’t You Please Come Home L20 Hummin
The Blues Over You L 19
Lee, Brenda Bring Me Sunshine L 21 You Don’t Need Me Anymore L22
Lawrence, Steve Oh How You Lied L 23 Portrait of my Love L24
Lewis, Jerry It All Depends On You L 25 Let Me Sing and I’m Happy
Licht, Enoch orch Take The A Train L28 One O’Clock Jump L27
Lombardo, Guy orch The Third Man Theme L32 Boo Hoo L31
Lynn, Vera Again L32 Accordion L33
Lee, Jonny In My Own Way L35 Red Sails in the Sunser L36
Lombardo, Guy orch Seems Like Old Times L37 Give Me The
Moon Over Brooklyn L38
Lombardo, Guy orch Auld Land Syne L39 Hot Time in the Old
Town Tonight l40
Lombardo, Guy Easter Parade L 41 Always L 42 McGuire Sister
Leslie, John To Love You L 45 I’ll Be Laughing Tonight L46
Lee, Brenda cabaret L 45 Mood Indigo L46
Lewis, Ted When My Baby Smiles At Me L47 She’s Funny That Way
Lee, Brenda Each Day Is A Rainbow L49 Kansas City
Miller, Glenn-My Melancholy Baby M1 Serenada In Blue M2
Murray Arnod Quartet Moonlight & Martinique M3
McGuire Sisters – Just Because & I Do, I Do, I Do, M6
McGuire Sisters –I’ll Walk Alone M 7 & Ticket To Nowhere M8
McGuire Sisters-Banana Split M9 & Sugartime M10
McGuire Sisters-He M12 & If You Believe M11
McGuire Sisters-Love and Marriage M14 &Always M13
McGuire Phyllis-I Don’t Want to Walk Without You M16 & That’s
Life M15
McGuire Phyllis-Somebody Else Is Taking My Place M17 & Run To
My Arms M18
Mills Brothers –The Jimtown Road M19 & Dream M20
Mc Coy, Clyde Orch. Sugar Blues M21 & Tear It Down M22
Magic Organ –The Inn Crowd M23 & Sail Along Silvery Moon


Morgan,Jane – Only One Love M59 & I’ve Got Bells On My Heart M60

Morgan, Jane – Till I Waltz Again With You M59 & Side By Side M60

Mann, Johnny singers – Love Me M62 &  Don 1 M61

Morgan, Al Turnabout is Fair Play M64 &Jealous Heart M63

Morgan, Al –It Took A Dream To Wake Me up M65 & Too Good To Be  

                                                                                                   True M66

Morgan, Al –Too Foolish Hearts M67 & Is It True What They Say 

                                                                                     About Dixie M68

Minor, Mike- You’re My Girl M69 & Silver Dollar M70

Monroe, Gerry- I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time M71 & My

                                                                                            Prayer M72

Martino,Al –A Voice In The Choir M73 & The Glory of Love M 74

Miller, Glenn orcg – Johnson Rag M75 & Elmer’s Tune M76

Mitchell, Willie –Easy Now M77 &Sunris Serenade M78

Martin, Dean – Volare M79 &Outta My Mind M80

Martin, Dean – Bumming Around M81 &Houston M82

Martin, Dean-Get On With Your Love M83 & Smile M84

Martin, Dean –A Little Voice M85 & Everybody Loves Sombody M86

Martin, Dean – Return To Me M85 & Forgetting You M86

Morgan, Al – Jealous Heart M87 & A Little Street Where Old Friends              

                                                                 Meet M88

Martino, Al – Spanish Eyes M90 &Melody Of Love M89

Morga, Russ orch.-So Long M91 & Does Your Heart Beat For Me M92

Monte, Lou – The Sheik of Araby M93 & Eh Marie, Eh Marie M94

Martin, Bobbi –Oh, Lonesome Me M97 & It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie M98

Martin, Grady- Wedding Bells M99 & Three O’Clock In The Morning 


Martin, Grady- Keep It Movin’ M101 & Somebody Stole My Gal M102

Martin, Grady – The One Rose M103 & A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody     


Martin, Grady – Down The River Of Golden Dreams M105 & Anytime


Morgan, Jane –Fascination M108 & The Day The Rains Came M107

McNair,Barbara- Bobby M 310 &Till There Was You M309Moore,  Moore, Dorothy-Misty Blue M112 &Here It Is M111

Mayfair, Helen- Sweet Georgia Brown M114 & Dansero M 113

Mooney,Art – Alabama Jubiliee M115 & Paddlin’ Madelin’ Home


Martin, Freddy orch. Bumble Boogie M117 & Tonight We Love M118

Martin, Tony –I’ll See You In My Dreams M119 To Each His Own  


Monroe, Vaughn – Somebody Ekse Is Taking My Place M121 &          

                                               There’s No Piano In This House M122

Martin, Dean-A Million And One & Everybody Loves Soebody M124

Monroe, Vaughn – Time On My Hands M126 & Blue Moon M125

Noble, Nick – If We Could  Live Our Love Over N2 & Forgetting            

                                                                                             Someone N1

Noguez,Jacky orch. –Amapola N3 & Mahzzel N4

Noguez, Jacky orch. – De Serait Dommage N8 & Ciao, Ciao Bambina 


Nabors, Jim – Tomorrow Never Comes N9 &Love Me With All Your 

                                                                                   Heart N10

Newton. Wayne-I’ll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time N11 & Laura        

                                                                             Lee N12

O’Connell, Helen – All Of Me O1 & I Cried For You O2

Patience and Prudence- Tonight You Belong To Me P1 & A Smile and a  

                                                                                         Ribbon P2

Price, Ray –Hey, Good Lookin’ P11 & A Mansion On The Hill P12

Pride, Charley – No One Could Ever Take Me From You P13 & Kiss 

                                                                        An Angel Good Mornin’ P14

Parker, Frank- For Me And My Gal P18 I’ll Get By P18 The Gang That Sang P19 &If I Had My Life To Live Over P19

Randolph, Boots – Sentimental Journey R1 MarieR2

Rio, Chuck orch. Margarita R3 & C’est la Vie R4

Rodgers Jimmie – No One Will Ever Know R5 Because R6

Rose,David orch. –The Stripper R7 & Ebb Tide R8

Rich, Charlie –Spanish Eyes R7  & I Do My Swingin’ At Home R8

Reddy, Helen – If We Could Still Be Friends R9 Delta Dawn R10

Reddy, Helen –The Old Fashioned Way R12 & Leave Me Alone R11

Rich,Charlie –Behind Closed Doors R13 & A Sunday Kind Of Woman    


Rice , Dumpy Piano -Blooze 1 and  2 R15 & St. Louis Blues R16

Reeves,Jim –Have You Ever Been Lonely R17& Am I That Easy To 

                                                                                                Forget R18

Reeves,Jim –The Tie That Binds R20 & Missing You R19

Randolph, Boots –Love Letters R21 & Big Daddy R22

Sinatra, Frank- High Hopes S1 & All The Way S2

Sinatra, Frank –That’s Life S3 & The September Of My Years S4

Sinatra, Frank- Send In The Clowns S5 &Let Me Try Again S6

Sinatra, Frank –Moment To Moment S8 & It Was A Very Good Year            


Sound, Chicago-Green Horse Polka S9 &Up In The Mountains Polka   


Starr, Kay – You Always Hurt the One You Love S12 & Gonna Get A  

                                                                                                     Guy S11

Swanson, Brad –Near You S13 & Up A Lazy River S14

Swanson, Brad –Mr.Sandman S15 & Paper Doll S16

Skrivan, Eddie Last Night on the Back Porch S18 & Royal Garden 

                                                                                                 Blues  S17

Shearing, George- East of the Sun S20 &September in the Rain S19

Smith, Jerry –Faded Love S22 & Moonlight and Roses S21

Streisand, Barbara – Love Theme from A star Is Born S 24 I Believe In 

                                                                                                  Love S23


Shaw, Artie orch. Star Dust S25 & Dancing in the Dark S 26

Sinatra, Frank – Witchcraft S27 & Tell Her You Love Her S28

Sinatra, Frank – Sentimental Journey S29 & American Beauty Rose 


Sinatra, Frank –You Turned My World Around S32 & Satisfy Me One 

                                                                                      More Time S32

Sinatra, Frank –I Sing The  Songs S 33 Empty Tables S34

Sinatra, Frank- I’m Getting Sentimental Over You S37 & East of the 

                                                                                                  Sun S38

Sinatra, Frank-The Hurt Doesn”t Go Away S39 & Anytime S40

Sinatra, Frank- Jealous Lover S41 & You Forgot All The Words S42

Sinatra, Frank – Love”s Been Good To Me S44 &A Man Alone S43

Sinatra, Frank-A New Kind of Love S45 & Love Isn”t Just For The 

                                                                                      Young S46

Surfers, Soul –Cannon Ball S48 & In The Misty Moonlight S 47

Smith, Kate- Smile, Smile, Smile S50 & A Perfect Love S49

Strong,Benny –You Can Call Me Darling S51 Don”t Bring Lulu S52

Smith. Something-You Always Hurt the One You Love S53 My                                            

                                                                             Melancholy Baby S54


 Smith. Something-Heartaches S 56  & Ceceilia S55

 Sherwood, Roberta  Ace in the Hole S58 & The Gang that Sang “Heart               

                                                                                    of My Heart S57


Smith, Jimmy The Organ Grinder’s Swing S59 & I’ll Close My Eyes 


Steele, Sondra-Remembring S63 & My Happiness S64

Streisand. Barbara – What are You Doing The Rest of Your Life S65

& The Way We Were S66

Smith, Jerry – My Happiness S67 &Truck Stop S68

Starr Kay  Help Me S71 & The Last Song and Dance S72

Solek, Walter -Hoya,  Hoya Boom, Boom Polka S73 & Green Grass S74

Starr, Kay- Oh, Lonesome Me S73 & Four Walls S74

Starr, Kay –Night Train S75 Riders in the Sky S76

Starr, Kay- Second Fiddle S77 & Lovr Ain’t Right S78

Sherwood, Roberta – Lazy River S 79 &This Train S80

Stewart, Bobby combo- Frankie and  Johnny S81 Cold, Cold Heart S82

Swanson, Brad – Ramblin’ Rose S83 & Quando, Quando Quando S84

Seymour –Stripper”s Sugar Blues S85 & You Made Me Love You S86

Swanson, Brad Mr. Sandman S88 & Paper Doll S87

Swanson, Brad Eho’s Sorry Now  S89 &Whispering S 90

Sinatra, Nancy – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ S94 &The City 

                                                                   Never Sleeps At Night S93

Todd, Art and Dotty – Chanson D’Amour T1 &Along the trail With     

                                                                                        You T2

Thompson, Hank – You Always Hurt the One You Love T3 & Paper           

                                                                                                    Doll T4

Taylor, Sam the Man –Big Guitar T7 & Cherokee T8

Todd, Nick Plaything T9 & The Honey Song T10

Vinton, Bobby –Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me V1 & Her Name is Love   


Vinton, Bobby – My First, My Only Love V3 & Summerlove, Sensation 


Vinton, Bobby – Midnight Show V5 & My Gypsy Love V6

Vinton, Bobby – Strike Up the Band For Love V7 & Alll My Todays V8

Vinton, Bobby – Why Can’t I Get Over You & Moonlight Serenade V10

Vinton, Bobby – Hurt V11 & I Love they Way You Are V12

Vinton, Bobby – You Can Do It To Me Anytime V15 & Every Day of 

                                                                                                    My Life V16

Vinton, Bobby – My Melody of Love V17 & I’ll Be Loving you V18


 Vinton, Bobby – Once More With Feeling V19 & Only Love Can Break 

                                                                                                     A Heart V20

Vale, Jerry – Enchanted V13 & You Don’t Know M3e V14

Vaughn, Sarah  – Fabulous Character V22 & The Other Woman V23

Vinton, Bobby –Dick And Jane V23 & Beer Barrel Polka V24

Vinton, Bobby – Love Is the Reason V25 & Nobody But Me V26

Vinton, Bobby – Polka Pose V27 & Wooden Heart V 28

Vaughn, Billy –  V35 (It’s No) Sin V36 & After Hours V35


Vinton, Bobby – Polka Pose V27 & Wooden Heart V 28

Vaughn, Billy – Your Cheatin’ Heart V 34 &  Lights Out V33

Vinton, Bobby – Polka Pose V27 & Wooden Heart V 28

Vinton, Bobby – Pennsylvania Polka V42 & I Could Have Danced All           

                                                                                      Night V41

Welk, Lawrence – Blue Velvet W1 & Fiesta W2

Wills, Tommy  – Funky Sax W3 – Born To Lose W4

Wayne, Jerry – You Can’t Be True, Dear W5 & I Can’t Forget Last

                                                                                                  Night W4

Ward, Bill –Rain, Rain Polka W8 & The Girl I Left Behind Waltz W 7



Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite


Hugo Winterhalter


Clair de Lune

Billy Vaughn- Sundowners

Vaughn, Billy Sail Along, Silvery Moon

Dvorak’s – New World Symphony

Respighi-Festival –Khachaturian Gayne Ballet

Brubeck- Time Out

West Side Story

Jamal, Ahmad

!812 Overture

Berman, Shelley – Inside




Swan Lake

Jazz radio


Hideli Tape


Warsaw Concerto

Symphony in Blue


 Sinatra. Frank-Only The Lonely


Scotch Red Plaid

Scotch no 111-12

Scotch no. 140=1800


Scotch Pr-150



Scotch 141

Scotch Magnetic


Desmond,Paul- First Place Again

Ravel- Daphne and Chloe

Copland, Symphonic Ode

Finlandia – Sibelius

Stravinsky- Firebird

Beethoven= Fidelio

Shaw, Gene- Debut in Blues

















March 7, 2009

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1 ) Work an extra hour. Pretend it”s your company and  you  want to keep it going.

2) Do a Victory Garden. There is vacant land everywhere. Plant something and then wait for it to grow. Save until it hurts and you start havng fun.

3) Skip a meal. We are all too fat anyhow.

4) Pray. We have all forgotten to ask God to help us.

5) Repent. Our nation is guilty of multiple sins, like murder (abortion), gambling (the lottery), and drugs (and alcohol).

America’s Monetary Mess

Posted On September 28, 2008

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The title of this blog is the same as that of a book I wrote back in the 80’s when I ran for the U.S. Congress twice. I ran as a Conservative Constitutionalist on the Republican party. The run for Congress really began back in the late 60’s during the first so-called “Dollar Devaluation”  As a trader on the floor of the International Monetary Market in Chicago, I witnessed the crash of the U.S. currency after being unhinged from the chains of the Bretton Woods agreement of fixed exchange rates between currencies. I call it  the so-called “Dollar” because what was trading in those days (and these days, as well) was no longer the dollar that I knew of as a child, which was a silver coin or a certificate redeemable in a silver coin, but rather, a fiat currency known as the Federal Reserve Note.  The real dollar was taken out of circulation in the mid-60’s. There were no dollars to devalue by the time President Nixon got around to declaring the same, there were no silver dollars nor silver certificates in common circulation because Gresham’s law, like the clockwork it wonderfully is, had clicked into action, and all the good money, the gold and silver coins, had been driven out of circulation, and all that was left was that engine of inflation known as the Federal Reserve Note, which, as we point out in the book, is neither Federal, nor is there any Reserve, and it is a bogus Note. (You may order the book, America’s Monetary Mess from the author, L. Sarsoun, at 4750 Decatur Circle, Melbourne, Fl. 32934. Price is one SIlver dollar. Wrap it in cardboard stock, include your name and address).

Anyway, the points I made in the book have come home to roost. We are enduring another crisis created in the halls of Congress, a disaster created by the most criminal of Americans, our elected representatives. These criminals are guilty of misfeasance, malfeasance, treason, fiduciary irresponsibility, and rampant stupidity. And we turn to them for a solution? Not a chance. These folks are so far gone, they haven’t a clue as to what to do. They are like Nero at the fire, fiddling while the U.S. burns. These same idiots have just added more flame to the inflationary fire. If you think gas is expensive at $4 a gallon, just watch what this additional trillion in bogus money will do to prices. Their actions will prompt a hyper-inflation until such time as the credit system in the United States folds up and goes away. The results of inflation are always the same. The increase (the inflating) of the supply of “money” causes increased demand for goods. The result of the increase in demand is that prices rise as a result. Rising prices is not inflation, that is a mistaken conclusion. It is the inflating of the so-called “money supply” that causes prices to rise. After prices start to rise, purchasing media (pm) are drawn out of the system and the usual result is higher interest rates (assuming that the government is not pumping more pm into circulation). The classic example of that was the commodity boom of the late 70’s, when the CRB index rose sharply but drew interest rates higher as well, until such time as speculative money shifted back from commodities to lock in those 15% and higher 30 year long bond rates. The easy money policies of this most recent boom have kept interest rates from rising and doing their job of drawing funds back from the commodity speculation. But inevitably, inevitably, without fail, soon, the day of reckoning will come. It happened in Brazil, it has happened in other speculative inflationary bubbles, it will inevitably happen here. The inflation will come to an end by either a hyper-inflation or a deflationary bust, for during the hyper-inflation, the credit system ceases to exist. No one will lend money if the rate of return is less than the rise in the price of goods. So lending stops, and then comes the deflation. In the end, there is always deflation. We always come back to a settling of the debt, one way or the other. We will hyper and then crash, or we will, somewhere along the way, crash.

Cover your butt. get out of debt. I am shorting the qqqq. I see the Dow under 5,000. Sell.

Posted On September 14, 2008

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