The Manchurian Candidate

Remember the movie from the 60’s, called the Manchurian Candidate? It was about a prisoner of war who was brainwashed by the Commies, and when he was released and came back to the U.S, was programmed to assassinate the President. So now, in the 2008 reality version, we have a former POW who is a candidate for U.S. President. You can’t tell me that a fellow who was in the hands of the Commies for 6 years couldn’t have been programmed by them to do something goofy at some time in the future. I know, a lot of you think that the Commies all died out or converted to capitalism and are now died-in-the-wool free market exponents, but if that is what you believe, you have no true understanding of Communism. The Communist Ideology teaches that it is ok to take two steps forward and then one step backward in order to fool the world into thinking that they have changed. But this is acutally one of their key strategies and tactics. The Soviet Union ostensibly was dissolved back in the 80’s and all the republics are now autonomous states. If you really believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklynn I would like to sell you for cheap. The union is still there, it is called the Communist Party, the Party is still there and is still in charge. Have you not noticed that the Russians are still in charge and think nothing of rumbling with their tanks into some so-called runaway republic at the drop of a hat?

The idea behind Communism is still world domination. It is still in force. The goal is still the same. Tactics change, strategies change, but the goal remains the same. China may look like a capitalistic country, but all they want to do is get all our money so that they can kill us. They now have trillions of “dollars” of our money, we are now in debt to them, and one of these days they will destroy us, either financially or with some well-placed bombs. They control access to the Panama Canal through their holding companies located at either end of the canal, and they have troops in Mexico. Their containers come into all of our ports on a daily basis with little or no security on our part, and one of these days, those containers will contain bombs or troops or both. We are sitting ducks for an invasion by the Chinese through our ports.

Which brings us back to the Manchurian Candidate. By now, you have hopefully figured out who it is. Mr. McCain was  prisoner of war of the Communists for 6 years, and during those long years, could have been easily brainwashed. He may now be awaiting a signal, some action or word, that would trigger a programmed response on his part to some outward action by the Communists. While we may not know what that trigger or response might be, we can certainly be on the alert for any strange and unusual actions or reactions by Mr. McCain if or when he become President. On the other hand, we do not need to worry about the other fellow, the other candidate, the one with the strange middle name. We can already expect strange and unusual actions or reactions by him. We know from who his associates are that he is already in the Communist camp. For him, it is just a matter of time, it is just the Day After Inauguration when he will unleashed his Communist Campaign. Let us hope that he does not get that far. But just in case, the bags are packed and the passport is up to date.


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